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New Role for Taryn Terrell, Where Is Kenny King?, Hernandez Reports, More

– TNA Knockout referee Taryn Terrell worked Saturday night’s OVW show as the guest referee for Heidi Lovelace vs. Josette Bynum vs. Gut Check winner Taeler Hendrix. Apparently Taryn will be working regularly in OVW.

Saturday’s show also saw Crimson retain his OVW Title against Rob Terry via DQ and Tara’s storyline boyfriend Jesse Godderz retaining the OVW Tag Team Titles with Rudy Switchblade.

– There were reports that Hernandez was shaken up after taking a nasty bump at the TNA live event on Friday night in Texas. Hernandez said called the reports “silly wrestling stories” but there’s a rumor that he suffered two dislocated fingers.

– Former Ring of Honor star Kenny King was signed by TNA back in the summer but hasn’t been seen since the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. He addressed his absence via Twitter:

“A lot of people been wondering where I’ve been….The thing is, my bank acct good. Don’t worry where I’ve been. Worry about what’s gonna happen to these dudes WHEN I come back.”

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  • Mick

    His bank account’s good? Probably from pre-TNA, because the company functions where most of the workers have pay-per-appearance deals. Considering he hasn’t been seen in about 2 months now, well?

  • nightmare

    He makes me sick he bank account good people lost there homes and lives and are poor just like me and I have to read this crap that some overrated no talent black guy bank account is good BS

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    That “black guy” worked hard and saved his money. I’m sorry you’re poor, bro, maybe try not being a racist shithead. Couldn’t hurt.

  • Bane

    Racist! Keep those stupid comments 2 urself dumbass. K.K. is bad ass and should b the future of the X division and future heavyweight champ if TNA ain’t stupid.

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