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New WWE Champion Crowned at Tonight’s Hell In a Cell PPV

– Randy Orton won the vacant WWE Title by defeating Daniel Bryan in the main event of tonight’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

Orton won in controversial fashion in an ending that saw interference from Triple H and special referee Shawn Michaels.

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  • Alpha_Omega

    Sweet chin music didn’t even connect lmfao, that’s why there was no replays #fail

  • Lara_P1

    crappy ending to an overall crappy ppv

  • D.M.T

    WWE Hell In A Cell is the worst PPV of 2013. I give it a 1/10. Terrible PPV.

    And Cena is officially the most overrated piece of crap in WWE history.

    • tmeister

      i can’t decide between this ppv or battleground to be the worst i mean at least we had a new wwe champion tonight unlike the was ppv

    • Lara_P1

      horrible ppv, glad i didnt spend my hard earned money on it

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Best way to bury Bryan? Have him pinned by a move that doesn’t even land. That’ll teach those Indy midgets who actually know how to wrestle. Now, back to 2010, when wrestling was properly dead and this is what it is supposed to be…..AN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, DAMMIT!

  • Hell in a cell was one of my fav PPVs of the year. The triple threat tag team match was great, we saw blood with Big E Langston vs Ambrose, a few funny backstage segments, Kane returning, heyman using the electronic lift to go ontop of the cell before the match even started. Cena won the WHC from boring del rio, and a shocking finish to the WWE title match all came together for a really good PPV. And if you think otherwise you’re stupid.

    • Eli Myers

      I agree the ppv wasn’t that bad the only thing different I would’ve done is have Damien Sandow cash in on Cena just so then Cena had a little bit more time to recover and make a full fledge return at Survivor Series to become a 15 time champion by defeating Sandow. Just like he did back in 2008 against Jericho.

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