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New WWE High Flyers Tag Team?, What May Be on Bret’s WWE DVD, NXT Divas

– The WWE NXT Divas will be featured in their Halloween costumes at this week’s NXT live events in Florida.

– As noted before, Justin Gabriel is in line for a singles push. This would mean that WWE has nixed plans for Gabriel and Tyson Kidd to team together. On a related note, there had been some talk of putting Kidd with Evan Bourne for another tag team when Bourne is ready to return.

– We noted before that WWE DVD crews were filming interviews with Bret Hart at his home this week for a “rare and unseen matches” feature from WWE’s collection and Bret’s personal collection. When WWE purchased the Stampede tape library from the Harts, there was some stuff that Bret kept for himself so some of that content will likely end up on the DVD.

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  • Joseph

    What about Kidd’s push? Whatever happened to that?

  • Rybork

    ^ They can’t push Everyone at the same time, at least Tyson will still be part of a tag-team, i was expecting them to throw him into even more irrelevance then he already is.

  • Stryker9

    HHH doesn’t know what he is doing……His main focus is still on HUGE talents….that are his friends….

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    As long as they push Tyson SOMEHOW. Yeesh. Guy is way fun to watch.

  • Heisenberg

    Justin Gabriel was the best wrestler in the very 1st batch of NXT rookies, remember that? He deserves the push. If it doesn’t work then shame on him.

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