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New WWE NXT Diva Debuts, John Cena Returning on RAW?

– WWE NXT Diva Lana made her TV debut at last night’s tapings, scouting Alexander Rusev and eventually becoming his manager. Here is a photo of Lana, courtesy of

Lanas NXT Debut

– There was talk of keeping John Cena off WWE TV until the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but with the low RAW ratings, he will likely be brought back this Monday to hype the World Heavyweight Title match against Alberto Del Rio.

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  • Joseph Douglas

    That just means I will be changing the channel again during Raw. The low ratings have nothing to do with Cena, it is because it has not been as exciting in the last month. I really wish everybody would turn the channel when Cena came on. The WWE will never stop forcing him on us if we all don’t stop watching him.

    • tmeister

      It makes me laugh every time ratings go down they go to cena like he makes the show ratings go to 6.0 or something (im okay with him at this point) but wwe needs to think of what happens when cena gets to where he cant wrestle like edge how will they get ratings up then?

  • jcice13

    football, baseball playoffs, first run tv shows on the networks, think that might have a little something to do with their ratings but hey here comes supercena to the rescue LOL, let’s see I can dvr raw and watch luck vs the chargers or a baseball playoff game with maybe verlander pitching or the dodgers??? yeah I’m glued to cena

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    People have beaten the dead horse about how they feel about Cena, but I really don’t know if WWE has a choice. Other than elevating an unknown quantity (which would be interesting, yes, but there’s no guarantee it would help the ratings, especially since Del Rio’s painfully boring himself), their usual backup options other than Cena aren’t available, either.

    Jericho and Rey Mysterio usually both draw pretty well across the board, but neither of them are there. Sheamus, while he doesn’t draw nearly as well as any of those first three guys, was also a more natural option, but he’s hurt, too. And sure, you can give a guy all the championships, but you can’t make him be over. You’re more than likely to feel the pushback if you force a guy to the top of the card instead of letting it happen organically, and I think that’s one of the reasons that Del Rio himself was doomed for failure from the very beginning.

    A lot of people talk about how Cena was forced upon WWE fans, and was a guy that was completely WWE-manufactured, but that’s simply not the case. A lot of those same people don’t know that Cena started out as a bland guy in trunks and was not very highly thought of in the company at all until the Halloween episode where he showed up as Vanilla Ice, which, of course, led to someone in Creative saying, “Hey, let’s make that a gimmick.” Enter the Doctor of Thuganomics. Of course, as the DoT, he started out as a heel. But he made his gimmick genuinely entertaining, and that got him turned face. Then he got the US Title (back when it still mattered) and was MASSIVELY over. It was only AFTER that point that WWE mashed the gas down, and they haven’t let up ever since, but it shouldn’t be assumed that it was a consensus in WWE that John Cena would become a top star. In fact, Cena massively overshot the prospect that you could argue WWE wanted to make a top star from the very jump – Randy Orton. (Granted, WWE’s plan for Orton worked to some degree – but it’s taken a few side trips and detours to get there, mainly because Orton hasn’t been able to stay out of his own way at points.)

    People will always malign his wrestling ability or his mic ability. But John Cena became the cash cow for this company because he showed an ability to draw that some other guys don’t have. If giving a guy a belt and/or storyline prominence was all that was required to make him a top draw, Alberto Del Rio would be a top draw, and there’d be no need for Cena to come back in an attempt to rescue the ratings.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Holy hell I had to like this comment 6 times before it would stick. Stupid comments section. ho ho holy sh!t

  • Mohamed Abdo

    What will happen then when Cena , Rock and Y2J retire ?? .

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Do Rock and Y2J even factor in anymore? I think the question to ask is “What will happen when Cena and Punk retire?” Punk’s starting to look like he doesn’t have long left. In fact, didn’t Punk say in an interview that he was only planning on wrestling a couple more years anyway? And Punk actually outsold Cena merch last year, I’m pretty sure – which is saying a lot, because Cena still sold a buttload of merch. I’m not going to say they leaned on Punk too heavily in the same way they do Cena, but Punk’s wrestling style also lends itself to more physical pounding. I knew he wasn’t quite right when I noticed that he stopped using the running bulldog transition out of his running knee and changed it to a lariat.

      • Mohamed Abdo

        Yeah .. Cena’s style of wrestling leads him to last more than Punk can last . And I thought he changed the bulldog coz he became a heel ( If u noticed he stopped using it after being a heel ) LOL that’s what came to my mind . I think he changed a lil bit his wrestling moves as a heel . Then I mean by my question that those wrestlers are those they say that they need every year to raise the ratings .

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