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News and Video from the First-Ever Ryback vs. Punk Match – Who Won?

– The first-ever Ryback vs. CM Punk match took place at last night’s WWE Supershow in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ryback won the match via DQ after Punk slid out of Shellshocked and hit him with a low blow. Punk then declared himself the WWE Champion before finally catching Shellshocked to end the show.

Fan reports from the match show that it was mostly back and forth with both Superstars taking control at various points in the match. It appears there also was a lot of brawling outside of the ring.

Courtesy of YouTube, here are some clips from the match:

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  • Matt

    OK, I know we live in a day and age of DVR and all that, but really, WWE decides to have house shows on the same night that Smackdown is airing on TV, then wonders why the ratings for that show are crap?

  • rob

    I’m still baffled at how and why Ryback is anywhere near the Title picture. He has beat NO ONE to get a legitimate shot at the championship.

  • Brandon

    It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t had a legitimate opponent. He’s getting a shot for two reasons, Cena is out hurt and more importantly HE’S OVER WITH THE CROWD. I’m pumped for the match, it has to happen and I’m excited.

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