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News On Jimmy Snuka’s Murder Trial

Prosecutors are asking for Jimmy Snuka to be committed to a 60-day mental health and competency treatment, according to the Morning Call.

Snuka is being charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the 1983 murder case involving the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. After being in court on May 13th, 18th, and 20th and the prosecutors bringing in two doctors, forensic psychologist doctor Frank M. Dattilio as well as Dr. John O’Brien, Judge Kelly Banach ruled that Snuka is not competent to stand trial.

The prosecution wants to find out “whether the defendant can be competent to stand trial.” District Attorney Charles Gallagher petitioned the court to have Snuka admitted to treatment for a true evaluation of his mental competency. As of this writing, a hearing to review the prosecution’s latest filing has not yet been scheduled.


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    This dude is gonna be croaked by the time they get anything done.

  • Edynol

    Geeze these people need to just let it go. Why waste our courts’ time and resources over some ancient case with a man who’ll probably die sooner than later? Hell, just a guilty verdict could be enough to make his heart stop and do him in. Hell, maybe even and innocent verdict could. I mean, what if he really is innocent? Then they’d just littered the last years of a man’s life with the stress and hardship of legal proceeding over something that doesn’t even really matter. If it was something recent, yeah, go through with it. But at this point, even if he is guilty, he’s already gotten away with it. Whatever punishment they may sentence him to, he won’t live long enough to really experience it.

    Not to mention the stress this puts on his family. Yeah, murder is bad. And we want to show off how far forensic science and technology has come by solving old cases. But these cases don’t mean anything. It’s been over 3 decades, time to get over it and focus on real problems.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      they may want him to spend the rest of his life arguing if he’s fit to stand trial. justice served in a different way?

      • Edynol

        Yeah, perhaps, but what if he really isn’t guilty?

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


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