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Tonight’s Impact Wrestling Episode News & Notes

The second edition of TNA’s “Hardcore Justice” Impact wrestling episode will air tonight on Spike TV. The main event features a five-on-five battle between Aces & Eights and the Main Event Mafia where the wrestler who takes the fall is gone from the company.

The Bound for Glory Series match will feature a four-man Street Fight involving Christopher Daniels, Hernandez, Jay Bradley, and Joseph Park. 20 points are at-stake. Here is the complete lineup for tonight’s show:

* Aces & Eights vs. Main Event Mafia in a five-on-five match. The wrestler who takes the fall must leave TNA for good.

* BFG Series match: Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley in a Street Fight for 20 points.

* X-Division Champion Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt.

* TNA Tag-Team Champions GunStorm vs. Bobby Roode & Kazarian.

* Gail Kim vs. ODB.

Below is the video preview for tonight’s Impact Wrestling:

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  • james clinton

    Soooo…. is Sabin just gonna be “dead” now that he lost the strap?
    That was quick. Kinda stupid since the audience supposedly “related” to his story and all that, I figured his push would last a bit longer.
    Not that I mind, I don’t particularly care what happens in this company since they keep releasing people I like such as DOC, Devon, and Dlo. (Man, being in A&8s is pretty much a death sentence at this point huh?)

  • Aaron

    I read the spoilers but, I wasn’t that excited about this week’s Impact any way! The minute TNA inserted Tito and Rampage into the main program, the MEM – Aces & Eights program TNA jumped the shark 10,000 more times in a month!

  • sonik

    When you guys posted an article about Devon’s booking you killed the mystery for those who didn’t read spoilers…

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