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News on Fandango’s Female Companions, Cena and Steph Headed to SXSW, Andre

– As a reminder, John Cena will headline the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference this Saturday at a panel discussing the strategies behind WWE’s award-winning digital programs. Cena will be joined by WWE’s Stephanie McMahon and EVP of Digital Media Perkins Miller.

– Andre the Giant is currently in the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website.

– The woman appearing on WWE TV and at live events with Fandango apparently isn’t the same one each time. has an article up on local dance instructor Lisa Kasten. Kasten was just informed that she will be dancing with Fandango at this weekend’s SmackDown live event in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Kasten was told she would be salsa dancing for 15 to 20 seconds, two different times.

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    Sounds good to me. I much rather see the ladies do their 15-20 second dancing, then have Curtis do any. I do wonder though if Curtis did actually take any dance classes in preparation for establishing his new gimmick/ character in Faaandaaangoooo. It be funny if he did, it would of helped in creating that sense of “Grace” in the ring & getting into that mindset.