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Shawn Michaels Possibly Appearing on Upcoming Raw Events

Shawn Michaels joined his television co-star Keith Mark on 810-AM sports radio in Kansas City. The host of the show said, “And Shawn’s doing great, he’s going to be doing some really great things on Raw over the next couple weeks.” Michaels downplayed the comment and mentioned that he must be looking at “all those Twitter things.”

As of this writing, Michaels’ is not featured in any of the upcoming advertisements for any Raw events, although he would fit seamlessly into the current storyline between Triple H and Daniel Bryan, given his history with both guys.

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  • mrlaw

    That would be awesome having HBK come back and back Daniel Bryan against Triple H.. It would perfectly set up a HBK vs. Triple H at Mania but unfortunately, Shawn refuses to wrestle but anything can happen from now and then even if it is just for one night and HBK gets a win at Mania as his final match..

    • Moh.T

      Nah, I don’t support that match
      McMahon vs Triple H seemed better, atleast it would put over another wrestler
      But HBK vs HHH just sounds to me like burying anyone else.
      Should HBK come back, I’d want him to face Daniel Bryan or someone else like him.
      Just imagine :
      Punk vs Austin
      Taker vs Cena (My favorite)
      HBK vs Bryan
      Triple H vs someone of McMahon’s choice
      Goldberg vs Ryback
      Rock vs Batista
      Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose for WHC
      That would ROCK 😛
      (I know that I’m imagining, but it would still be awesome)

  • Chelsii?

    I’m tired of Shawn always being in a story that involves HHH.

    • Devon

      I kinda agree.

  • Zacholyte

    I’m going to RAW in Chicago a week after Night of Champions, and if HBK is there I’ll mark out like a SOB!

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