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News On Owen Hart Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame
Smith Hart mentioned on his Facebook account that his brother, Bret Hart, told him that WWE will not be inducting The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart) into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

He posted the following on Facebook:

I just got off the phone with my brother Bret, who called to wish me well. In talking to Bret, I can confirm that WWE will NOT be inducting Owen, Davey, Blue Blazer or even as Bret and I suggested, of inducting the entire Hart Foundation as a unit this year in Dallas for their fictional Hall of Fame. This once again proves that WWE’s Hall of Fame is nothing more than profiteering, grandstanding and political BS. It’s a shame, not only for the fans that still fill my inbox annually holding hope, but also for WWE as the task of filling 100,000 plus into Jerry’s world seems near impossible with their vastly depleted roster and horrible creative direction. A Hart Foundation induction on its own would not fill the stadium, but I’m sure would help more than the proposed inductions of The Godfather, Jacqueline or JBL (with all due respect). The reason given for the lack of an Owen induction is still our former Sister in law, Martha who still holds a grudge as if the tragedy happened days ago. Personally, I wouldn’t blame Bret or anyone in my family if they boycotted this year’s show.

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  • Lemmy Is God

    Boycotting…..he must be hanging with spike lee

  • Jack

    with all due respect to Smith Hart, they are inducting sting this year. I dont think they really need anyone else help to fill the seats.

    Speaking of grandstanding and political BS, I do like how your “suggestion” of inducting the entire Hart Foundation would make your brother Bret up there with Ric Flair as being a double hall of famer. Convenient that

    And while Bret was good, hes no ric flair.

    • Lemmy Is God

      He does deserve an induction with his team…..there’s quite a few stars who were very successful in a team and as a solo star

      • Jack

        Im not sure the Hart Foundation as a unit should be inducted though.

        There is a difference between a group of guys who should be in the hall of fame and a group that should be in the hall of fame.

        And while Bulldog, Pillman and Owen should be in the Hall, very little of that has anything to do with their run with the Foundation, more the rest of their careers.

        Whereas say Flair and Anderson and Tully’s careers were linked almost exclusively to the horsemen, and therefore the Horseman as a unit were hall of fame worthy thats just not the case for the Foundation, and therefore I dont think they should go in as a unit, the unit isnt worthy of the Hall, as nothing the members did while part of that unit is hall of fame worthy.

        • MikeLo #NewNation

          They are HOF worthy

          • MikeLo #NewNation

            If you have Drew Carey in the HOF you might as well put Santino in ??

          • Mike

            It’s completely different. The celebrity wing doesn’t compare with the wrestlers wing. Actually santino does deserve an induction at some point. He is a multiple time ic champ, and he was very entertaining. I believe lesser known people have gone in.

          • MikeLo #NewNation

            Not different at all to me lol. Santino hasn’t really done anything to be put in

          • Jack

            Based on what exactly? As a faction they only existed for about 6 months (march to November 1997) and their faction highlights were losing the European title (which bulldog already had when the group was created) to HBK, an intercontinental title run where owen hart broke stone colds neck. and a single run with the world title, that ended in a lost to HBK (the screwjob).

            Thats basically it, two feuds and 3 titles. The Corporation had more success than that….heck even the corporate ministry did better on shorter run

            The Hart Foundation is basically only remembered because of the stellar careers its members had PRIOR to joining the group,

            That doesnt make the group worthy of induction into the hall.

            Instead induct Pillman and Owen on their own merits and Davey Boy as part of the Bulldogs.

          • Joseph Lisnow

            pillman should go in separate.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      Ehh… They’re equal

  • Warren Roby

    Nwo should be in before the hart foundation

    • MikeLo #NewNation


      • Warren Roby

        Name something the Hart foundation did which trumps the nWo?!?!

  • Quote the Ravens, nevermore…

    Yeah… I’m sure those kinds of rants will definitely get them inducted…

  • Lisa

    That b_t_h Martha would never let WWE induct Owen into the Hall.

  • Bradley Patterson

    why are they blaming the WWE? Martha has been causing them issues since Owen passed away…If they induct him or put him in a game then Martha will sue or scream and throw a tantrum and drudge up the past and bring it all front and center again

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