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News On Rey Mysterio Possibly Returning To WWE

As noted, there were issues between Rey Mysterio and AAA. Mysterio claimed that the promotion owed him money.

AAA has since paid any money that they owed Mysterio.

Also, there has been a lot of talk Mysterio possibly going back to WWE. Mysterio has said publicly that he is open to returning to the company if he could get a part-time schedule.

He would have to breach his contract with Lucha Underground if he wanted to go back to WWE right now as his current deal with LU calls for him to appear on two seasons of the show. There are options in place in the deal where it can be extended to four seasons. Mysterio’s contract with the promotion expires in the summer of 2017. So it’s possible that Mysterio could return to WWE then.


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  • Mean Dean

    Mysterio is the midget version of big show, about 10-15 years ago relevant, but now just dead weight to any promotion

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