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Next Feud for Ryback, Tout Video from Billy Gunn, Video for RAW Tonight

– We noted before that NXT trainer Billy Gunn, working as special referee, turned on Sami Zayn at last week’s NXT live event in Daytona, allowing Bo Dallas to retain the NXT Title. The storyline was that Triple H sent Gunn to help Bo retain because it’s best for business. Gunn posted a Tout video explaining his actions:

NXT General Manager JBL also offered his support via Twitter:

“As GM of @wwe NXT I have to say I think @RealBillyGunn is a wonderful referee who is #bestforBusiness”

– WWE’s website currently has a poll up asking fans which match they would like to see re-created the most in WWE 2K14’s 30 Years of WrestleMania mode. The simulated match will be shown in a video on tonight’s RAW.

– Ryback is scheduled to feud with Big E Langston after the current feud with CM Punk.

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  • KingBack

    I really wanted to see Big E take the title of Axel instead but Ryback vs Big E sounds okay for a mid-card feud.

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      Well, what if it happens like this; Big E defeats Axel for the title, Heyman kicks out Axel for being weak and then has Ryback chase Big E for the title?

      • KingBack

        I would not mind that but I don’t think WWE will have Ryback going after the IC Championship.

        • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

          I agree with you I don’t think Ryvack needs the IC title. He should have the WWE Championship or the WHC.

          • P1

            Ryback.deserves the WWE or World Title?! –so many things I could say about such a dumb statement.

          • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

            Ryback is a good wrwstler .

          • rhett

            not good enough

  • P1

    Ryback needs to go away, he flat out sucks.

  • Phiruse

    If they give Big E. is Five Count gimmick, and gets a Five Count on Ryback, that would be his first accolade.

  • FordOLoads

    wow good feud

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