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NFL’s Redskins Selling WWE Style Replica Belt

– The Washington Redskins is now selling a WWE-style replica championship belt, called “The Redskins Official Replica Outstanding Player Award Trophy Belt,” on their online store for $450.

Redskins Championship Title Belt

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  • Lara_P1

    Not wrestling related: I don’t like how politically correct the US has become but there is no way and I mean no way in hell that it should be acceptable for a national sports team to be named after a certain ethnic group’s skin color. I dont care about tradition and bla bla, at the end of the day it’s not right. No way in hell would anyone defend a team named the Negroes,or another name that would single out a group of people for their skin color. Okay, i’ll end my rant now.

    • Devon

      U do know that the name redskin came from the native americans putting red clay on their faces right?

      • Lara_P1

        As a matter of fact, yes I do. But word meanings change through time. It may have been acceptable when used in the past, but redskins is now used as a term to describe Native Americans bc of their skin. As I said earlier, Negroes was the term used for African Americans in the past and it was once the most respectable word to refer to them; however, now that word has changed so much that it is no longer acceptable. My question to you is: Had the team been named Negroes (bc at that point it wasnt seen as insulting) would that still be the name today?….of course not..there would be an outcry from the African Amercan community for the name to be changed and while some would defend it bc it wasnt meant to insult, it still doesnt make it right bc the meaning of the word has changed.

        • Alejandro

          The word “Redskin” has always been considered a racial slur. It has become a bigger issue now than it was before now that most of the Native American communities have come out and said that Washington should change their name.

          • Lara_P1

            I do hope the name gets changed, regardless of what fans of the team may say. its just beyond me how a team can be called a term that offends so many people for so long.

          • Alejandro

            Well the owner of the team has come out and said that he’ll never change the team name. So it might take a long time to convince the owner to change the name.

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