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Nick Hogan Talks to TMZ About Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack

Nick Hogan recently spoke with TMZ about Jerry “The King” Lawler suffering a heart attack on Raw this past Monday.

During the interview Nick talked about how wrestling takes a toll on your body and how most guys retire from the business in their 50’s. Lawler is 62. According to Nick, people in the wrestling business have varied career lengths but when injuries come into play, it’s hard to ignore the obvious.

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  • Chelsii.

    Like Nick knows anything about being a pro wrestler and like anyone wants to hear what this scumbag has to say. You visit your friend you permanently destroyed Nick?

  • brent989

    Typical fucking hogan move to leech off anything they fucking can

  • Chelsii.

    Nick knows as much about wrestling as I know about his car accident. I should’ve taken my own advice.


  • kayPaxs

    Nick Hogan knows because of his father, you nerds need to relax.

  • maxpower

    TMZ could not get Hulk or even Brooke so they settled for Nick. lol

  • brent989

    Not to get violent but really nick hogan knows because of his father really???? I absolutely believe you must either be the biggest hogan mark or the worlds mist anti wwe mark. He knows his fathers situation yes with his surgery. And that’s where it stops Jerry’s is entirely different period idiot. Hogans heart has been riddled with how many substances over the years. Where do any hogans get off on preaching any life lessons. Especially Nick I lost one of my good friends to an impaired driver go away hogans. I want my old tna back I want the jarrets back I’m so fucking tired of hogans I could fucking hurl. I swear to god if Ic nick hogan ever get legit time on air with tna I’m done balls deep hogans bad snuff.

  • Adam

    Nick, like many wrestlers kids, would have grown up backstage. Surely he’s not so entirely stupid that he wouldn’t learn at least one thing from it (aside from drink driving that is).

  • Chelsii.

    It doesnt take being a wrestler or a wrestlers son to know the impact the industry has on a body. I love how people say “not to be ” right before they do what they say they don’t want to do. The amount of hate toward posts just because of a persons name is astounding. Be pissed at what they said just not because you see Nick Hogan in the post. If you are honest with yourself you know that it instead of Nick Hogan this said Steph McMahon you wouldnt have the same response.

  • brent989

    Oh no I don’t like Steph either for her views on Paul Herman and seems to me I wasn’t only one hating on nick

  • Chelsii.

    I was talking about all the haters. Not just the Nick haters. Just happens to involve Nick Hogan now

  • Chelsii.

    ^Like anyone cares what you have to say, stalker.

  • brent989

    Heyman *

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