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No New WWE Champion Crowned, Power Outage In Buffalo

– There was a power outage at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York which caused a delay before the start of the WWE Battleground main event. The pay-per-view feeds came back online after a few minutes and the announcers acknowledged the outage.

– There was no WWE Champion crowned in the main event of tonight’s Battleground pay-per-view. Big Show interfered at the end and ended up knocking out both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. The pay-per-view ended with Show’s music playing while he posed for the fans.

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  • Shell

    God dammit Cara, even on broadcasting you manage to botch..

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Overall one of the most dissapointing PPVs in company history. We’ve had quite a few over the last few years. Stealing the fan’s hard earned money is what put WCW out of business. They should be ashamed for delivering this crap for a $50 price tag.

    • Devon

      Hey that is why I dont buy ppvs. The last 4 ppvs I bought were WM 20, WM 28, WM 29 & MITB 2013. I either font fuckin care and dont watch em or find em online the next day

    • DolphZigglerFan

      Luckily for me the PPV was free in the UK. I actually enjoyed the ppv, there were some solid matches

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        Yes, if it were free (like an episode of Raw) it would have been no problem. But this was a $50 ppv. That the WWE knew fans would be spending $50 and gave them an event with ZERO reslolutions of any kind is atrocious. Basically you could skip the ppv and all the storylines are in the exact same place that they were before, with the sole exception that the Rhodes Family have jobs. That is not worth $50, and WCW used to do this crap all the time, which is why their PPV numbers were very low.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Go home Undertaker, you’re drunk.

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