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No SummerSlam In London?, Footage from Hero vs. Helms

– Chris Hero, the former Kassius Ohno, had his first match since being released from WWE last night for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. He defeated Hurricane Helms. Below is video of their match:

– As noted, WWE had discussions this past week about bringing SummerSlam to London. Word is that they were considering Wembley Stadium but the feeling within WWE is that this almost certainly won’t happen because they would need a 3pm start time and starting that early in the afternoon would crush pay-per-view buys.

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  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Are you serious!? You do realise your tours over seas pull in probably more money THAN the PPV’s in America, plus the seats in other countries actually are actually more expensive than the ones IN America. Apply currency conversion to the whole thing and the british dollar craps on the American dollar as well, jesus christ the money would be coming in.

    Experiment, give it a try WWE, your tours overseas works, host a PPV as well and see if the ratings take a hit, break even or give you a better profit.

    • james

      If they are gonna try one, don’t try a summerslam. try a B- Level PPV first, then see how that goes

      • The Batman

        You people are acting like overseas PPVs never happened.

        No Mercy (UK), Insurrextion & Rebellion always did well.

  • Andy

    WWE would still make excellent money from Summerslam if it were to return to London. You’d be talking 80,000-90,000 people in attendance at Wembley, maybe more depending on how the seating layout would look inside the stadium, plus the money gained from the previous weeks Fan Axxess and the Raw and Smackdown shows on the following days would more than make up for anybody not paying for the PPV in the USA.

    The only thing holding them back appears to be the time difference. If they choose to broadcast live, is watching the PPV on a Sunday afternoon in the States that much of a problem? Unless I’m missing something, the majority of families are not working or at school on a Sunday so should have the time to watch it. Sure it’s not normal routine, but life would be boring if people didn’t do things differently.

    If they had to show it on a delay, then maybe they should take a look back at when Raw used to be taped all the time, and when Nitro announced that Mick Foley was going to become WWE Champion, most people switched channels to see that happen. If WWE have to air the show in the States on delay, then it’s up to the creative team to ensure that they book a show that the fans will want to see even if they already know the outcome. Everyone who read the spoilers for the last Raw knew that the Wyatts and the Shield were going to face off, but they still tuned in to see it happen!

    I’m never getting my hopes up for Wrestlemania to ever leave the U.S.A. or Canada, but given that Summerslam has been to London before, and when it came, it gave us a main event that people still talk about to this day, I think it’s about time that they took the chance to do it again!

  • Spartacus81

    I don’t get how it’s supposed to be WORLD Wrestling Entertainment, and yet everything has to revolve around US buy rates.
    It’s ridiculous how everyone East of the Atlantic is expected to buy a Pay Per View at 2am every month, and yet the US can’t deal with one slightly inconvenient start time (3pm on a Sunday!) for the first time in 21 years!
    SummerSlam 92 is the 3rd biggest attendance in WWE history (some argue the 2nd). And judging on Summerslam buy rates in the early 90s, there’s no proof that Pay Per Views outside of North America would damage revenue in any way.

  • Linda Tunstall

    They managed it yrs ago I saw [email protected] wembley stadium so I don’t see why it’d be a problem now if they can do raw/smackdown tapings in the uk doing another ppv shouldn’t be so tough surely?

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