Note on The Rock Joining Social Media, Jim Ross Provides Jerry Lawler Update

- Jim Ross provided another update on Jerry “The King” Lawler on Twitter.

“Amazing how some think @JerryLawler heart attack was a storyline. Embarrassingly stupid/naive. Jerry’s rapidly improving. Back soon.” When asked by a fan if Lawler would be returning tonight, Ross replied, “No…it will be a few wks but he’s doing great.”

- is featuring an article by Amy Jo Martin who reveals how she got The Rock to embrace social media. The tagline reads, “The Rock didn’t want to do the social media thing. Then he met Amy Jo Martin. Now he has 7.2 million friends and 3.4 million followers–here’s how to follow his lead.” Its a very interesting read.

  • Mark Black

    The People’s Champion SHOULD embrace it whether he wants to or not. He’s the Champ of the people. He literally has millions and millions of The Rock’s fans.

    If ya smeeeeeellalalalalalalalowww….what THE ROCK!…is cooking (~_-)

  • matthew

    Rather have jbl then Lawler but I guess they need someone to fake laugh any gush all over cena and sheamus. Some people may think the Lawler thing was a work because he was on tout a few days after his heart attack,they showed pics of Lawler getting cpr on raw and they were making money off it by selling long live the king shirts. But that’s just what vice does

  • matthew

    Vince does

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