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NXT Invasion Storyline News, Bad Numbers for WWE SS Pre-show, Sheamus

– The highest number of viewers for WWE’s Survivor Series pre-show on YouTube with 3MB vs. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder was 3,380. This is way down from other recent YouTube pre-shows.

– Sheamus gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today.

– In the NXT invasion storyline with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins from Survivor Series, apparently they arrived to the arena in an armored car. Matt Striker tweeted the following before the pay-per-view:

“Just saw an armored car w tinted windows pull up to the loading dock of the bldg. Lots of security around. Somethings up. This is weird.”

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  • Dave

    Finally some real wrestles

  • me

    Looks like the miz will be getting blamed again

  • wwe cannot come up with any new ideas so they steal ideas from tna. three guys dressed in black just like aces and eights from tna. come on wwe you can do better than that. git creative.

  • Mark

    Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns are all good wrestlers and it’s good that they’re being pushed into a main storyline.

    However with WWE’s track record, I’m not expecting great things.
    The whole “developmental wrestlers invade RAW” storyline was done with the Nexus and look at how that angle played out.

    Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield (who is now Ryback) were the only two wrestlers who benefited from WWE’s bad booking of the angle at the time.

    The problem is that WWE seems to never plan in advance anymore. Every week, the storylines are improvised and suffer the consequences. Hopefully this new angle works and finally makes stars of Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns.

  • Hawkins

    @Mark what about Daniel Bryan? David Otunga (even tho its not much But shit he still gets airtime)? Heath Slater (he has his own stable now which is cool, not the stable just the situation lol)? Justin Gabriel? DYoung? the only person who didnt get anything from it is Micheal Tarver (and i really cant Believe iRememBered that name lol) and really iDont think its the same storyline…Nexus were on a TV “Reality Show”…they are from the actual development farm…which is a lil different… and i dont think they are goin to make them wear armbands or some shit like dat…i think they are going to Build this storyline and stable slow…i hope…please wwe dont rush…or fuck it up….thanks :)..and oh!! dont make them job to ryback…kthanxbye!!

  • Hawkins

    and iJust reread your comment…. :p *facepalm* i should read the whole thing instead of skimming it lol…ah well :)

  • Justin gabriel as well. I agree with Mark. The whole Nexus did not work out, but we’ll see how this does.

  • bomb

    Ripping off TNA angles? I can’t say if it’s a rip off or not because I don’t really watch TNA regularly but I know one thing and that’s that the WWE angle has way more potential because it has Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in it, instead of freaking Devon and Mike Knox.

  • Gasparilla

    Isn’t the Aces & 8’s really just a ripoff of the nWo with a biker gimmick anyways? Besides they can’t be ripping them off we already know more member of them then the entire Aces & 8’s after like 6 months

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