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NXT Results: Aries Escapes With Win

In our second match, we get Baron Corbin facing off against the debuting Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries.

Early on, the size difference was in play, as Corbin enjoyed early and often, but Aries showed his grit and determination, not willing to quit. Instead, Austin was happy to show the NXT faithful just why he deserves to be called The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

However, Corbin was dominating much of the action. After hitting a Deep 6 on the outside, it appeared as though Baron would get a countout victory. Aries, however, just beat the 10 count, and came into the ring begging for more. After a brief exchange, Corbin went for End of Days, but Aries had it scouted and was able to escape it and counter into a roll up for the pin and a win in his NXT debut.

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