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NXT Results: Nakamura Wins Debut In Instant Classic

In our third match of the evening, we get yet another debut, as Sami Zayn takes on Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match was slow to get started, as both men soaked in the atmosphere as the crowd was extremely vocal for both men. Once they got past that initial fun, these two took turns hitting moves and then countering them, as each seemed to have an answer for anything the other was throwing at them.

Shinsuke looked impressive early, displaying an impressive array of strikes and, of course, his flamboyant nature to boot.

These two had an epic, toe to toe exchange which resulted in Nakamura bleeding from the nose, but Shinsuke wasn’t done. He then delivered forearm after forearm to Sami, as Zayn repeatedly bounced off the ropes. Just as it seemed Zayn was out, Sami dug deep and nailed a tremendous clothesline. But just when Sami was giving Nakamura all he could handle, Shinsuke went for an arm bar and then a triangle choke.

Zayn then locked in the Koji Clutch, which seemed to have Nakamura fading, but he turned it into a pinfall attempt, breaking the hold.

Ultimately, after a ton of amazing action, Nakamura leveled Zayn with a Kinsasha and he was able to score the win in what can only be called an amazing match.

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