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NXT Results: Demon Beats A Bloody Joe

For the evening’s fifth match, we get the main event, Finn Balor versus Samoa Joe, for the NXT Championship.

These two clearly have no love for one another. Joe gets busted open right out of the gate, and shortly thereafter, Joe answers the opening shots by heaving Balor over the guardrail and into the audience, taking out a guard in the process. And Joe really is a bloody mess.

Joe, when not being impeded by the medical staff, absolutely had Balor taking a beating. Neither the crowd nor Joe was especially pleased with the medical attention.

These two pulled out all the stops, and Joe pushed Balor as far as he could be pushed without losing his title. In the end, Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch but Balor managed to use leverage to take Joe off his feet and into a pinning predicament, which resulted in Finn winning the match and retaining the title.

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