NXT Star at RAW Tonight, WWE Star at Super Bowl, Riley Comments on Tensai Losses

- WWE Superstar David Otunga was on the sidelines for last night’s NFL Super Bowl 47. Otunga’s fiancee Jennifer Hudson sang “America the Beautiful” before the game.

- NXT star Corey Graves worked this weekend’s WWE live events, losing to Brodus Clay. Graves will also be at tonight’s RAW from Atlanta, Georgia.

- WWE did a deal this weekend where Alex Riley lost to Tensai, three times in the same segment – by a dance contest and two pinfalls. Riley tweeted:

“I just got beat 9 times in 3 days by Lord @WWETensai I can finally say I have accomplished something that no one else in @WWE history has”

  • CMmox

    Yes, if you consider getting beaten 9 times in 3 days by Job Dancai an accomplishment…

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I can’t be 100% certain, of course, but I’m reasonably sure Riley was being completely sarcastic. He should save himself and WWE the trouble and ask for his release at this point.

  • jcice13

    I have to believe that jake the milkman milligan and barry horowitz and frankie williams are taking exception to mr riley’s comment

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