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NXT Takeover Results: Revival Retains

It’s time for the tag team championship match, as Ciampa and Gargano square off against The Revival.

In the early goings, it was easy to tell who the crowd was behind, as we had plenty of chants for Ciampa and Johnny Wrestling, and these two teams just went toe to toe.

This match can be called a barnburner. These two teams brawled, and answered spot after spot in one of the better and more hard hitting tag team matches this year.

If you wanted near falls? This one had tons of them, for each team.

But in the end, the heel team did what heel teams do to gain an edge, taking out Ciampa and then delivering a chop block to Gargano’s knee, setting him up to tap out to a reverse figure four. Your winner, and still champs, The Revival.



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