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NXT Takeover Results: Nakamura Strikes Gold

It’s time for our main event, Nakamura versus Samoa Joe.

Nakamura getting a pretty epic live violin piece to start his intro off, and the crowd ate it up.

Joe got his standard intro, but still a good response for him as well. To say the crowd is fired up for this match would be an understatement.

After the opening bell, these two were all about testing one another with the usual holds, feeling each other out for an opening.

Throughout the match, these two put on an absolute clinic on how you work stiff. It’s their styles, but it’s also indicative of how intense their hatred for one another is.

As these two headed for home, Nakamura wound up wriggling out of a couple submission attempts, took a Musclebuster and kicked out, and then escaped a second Musclebuster, leading to him landing the first of two Kinshashas, which allowed the King of Strongstyle to pin Joe and become the Champion of NXT.

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