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NXT Video Highlights From 3/2: Austin Aries’ Debut, Finn Balor Vs. Neville

WWE Network
Last night, NXT was back with another episode on the WWE Network. Below are highlights, which featured Austin Aries makes his debut.

Emma vs. Santana Garrett

Finn Bálor vs. Neville

Austin Aries feels Baron Corbin’s wrath

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  • Edynol

    Was a good show, as always. Neville and Balor tore it up. I wouldn’t mind either one winning, but good on Neville for puting Balor over. And Aries’ debut was good. It was shocking. Corbin jumping him out of nowhere during his entrance and his message to Regal was awesome. Corbin’s getting a lot better with his promos as well, which is about the only thing he needs work on so hopefully he gets called up soon as well.

  • jcice13

    is it just me or do the NXT fans seem to be much more knowing about wrestling on a whole as opposed to the WWE fans? cause the crowd popped big for Aries and it took a couple of shows for AJ to get that in the WWE and if I was running the WWE? I’d make NXT the Smackdown show, whoever is booking and performing go straight to the thursday night slot

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