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NXT Wrestler Goes Off On WWE On Twitter, Says He’s Not Afraid To Get Fired

Brandon Carter, a former offensive tackle for Texas Tech University who WWE signed this year to a developmental contract and now performs under the name TAC, posted a multitude of messages on his Twitter account Saturday criticizing the product of his employer.

As a life-long WWE fan and owner of over 900 action figures, Carter says the company’s shows have been “on repeat” for ten years and that fans deserve change. The football-player-turned-grappler wants to be the one to bring change to WWE, even going as far to put his job on the line.

“I am here to bring change to #wwe to give power to the people instead of telling you what to love #TACRevolution,” he wrote to a fan.

“Not one person in developmental or #wwe have the accolades that I do, yet they act like they are deserved something. #wwe you deserve more! Same generic cookie cutter wrestlers. ONE speaks out and he’s a REVOLUTION starter? Change is coming! #wwe you deserve it! #TAC REVOLUTION.”

Carter continued, “#wwe you deserve a REAL REVOLUTION. A revolution is not taking the mic from @JohnCena FOLLOW ME! I ill bring you to a REVOLUTION! #TAC.

“Everybody is afraid of getting fired and that’s why they play it safe! Thats why what you #wwe fans get is all the same old stuff

“Don’t you #wwe fans want something new? A real revolution? A real change? Demand it. I will lead you #TAC revolution.

“not afraid to get fired. It’s happened before. But if I don’t attempt to make a change in what I love, that means I failed all of you #wwe

“I’m sure right now people are squirming in their seats in Connecticut! But we all know what needs to be done #wwe #TAC revolution follow me!

“Don’t all of you want change?Do you feel like you’ve been watching the same show on repeat since ’02?Get behind me and we will make a change.

“I can’t lower your taxes, or bring you health care. But what I can do is bring change to what you love, #wwe #TACRevolution

“No one will stand up for what they believe in because they are a puppet to the “machine” I have cut my own strings to bring you change! #wwe.”

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  • GN-0015

    Paul Heyman said in an interview with Ariel Helwani that in the WWE people aren’t encouraged to speak to their bosses about the product. Only people with certain positions within the company can do that.

    Sorry TAC, I admire your spirit but I don’t think anything will come out of your “revolution”. If this is all real, I think you’re gonna get fired or buried soon.

  • SdotC

    Notice how everyone wants to start a revolution when it benefits them, when they can be the guy who’s face is representing it. Well, he’s brought one change in that I now know his name. But apparently he’s really, really fucking low on the totem pole if I can’t even find videos of him on YouTube. Yeah, THIS GUY is gonna start a revolution. The guy who has so much talent that he doesn’t even have fans is gonna be the one to turn the WWE around. He probably WILL get fired. Call me crazy, but I just don’t see a revolution being started by some dude who wrestles dark matches at Full Sail.

    And I appreciate that the guy is a fan and he is right, but it goes back to that expression “The marks used to be in the stands, now they’re in the ring”.

  • bomb

    This guy has his freaking head tattooed so it’s important not to take everything he says seriously.

  • Mick

    So he’s a former offensive tackle, who claims to be a WWE fan, but he’s in the wrestling business. Just by that, it’s hard to picture him as a prospect, hence worth paying attention to. That’s right off the bat, but then this big message, assuming it is not a work, is an exercise in risk taking. Either he’s going to get supporters for his “balls” or he loses his balls, as in, getting fired.

  • Mick

    Oh and what if he claims his Twitter was hacked?

  • Iowa Contact

    that’s kirk angels gimmick.

  • Jack

    TAC. Nah, doesn’t sound like a next break-out star to me. Best of luck in future whatevers TAC.

  • Fritz

    I hope a revolution doesn’t come from some faggot using twitter

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