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NY Post Reveals Why Stephanie Has Been Selling Her WWE Stocks

– We’ve noted over the past few months how Stephanie McMahon has been cashing in her WWE stocks. The New York Post reports that Stephanie has cashed in $8.3 million in company stock because, according to a statement WWE gave to the paper, is “selling a portion of her class B shares for personal financial purposes that include building a house.”

The story also notes that Stephanie cashed in about 1/3 of her WWE B (super-voting) stock to finance the home. The sales were carried out over 43 separate transactions, the last on October 7th.

The Post noted that Stephanie owns properties in Westport, CT and Manhattan.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    What her and Triple H don’t make enough money in a year to build a house?

    • JH

      You’re not very familiar with rich people and executive types are you? Most of their money isn’t just coming in basic payroll checks and sitting in bank accounts. It’s usually tied up in investments. I’m sure a fairly large portion of their compensation is stock in the company.

      • YoungAngryMan

        Cool story bro, maybe someone will care someday…..

      • Bite Me You Loser

        Santa works one night a year. Santa is dirt poor living in a snow covered wasteland with dozens of short elves and one cranky wife. So no Santa is not familiar with the rich. ho ho ho

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