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Tonight’s Impact Opening Episode, Brooke Hogan Update

– Below is the opening package for tonight’s Impact Wrestling episode.

– Brooke Hogan announced that she will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Adult Swim. Here is what she wrote on Twitter:

“Make sure to check out season 2 of “China, IL” on @adultswim airing 9/22 at 11:30pm, where I voice Stacy Megan, Polly, Tonyana and more;)”

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  • TrollNonstopAction

    Brooke Hogan is not with TNA anymore, you can stop posting these news under “TNA”. Not that anyone cares anyways.

    • Taylor Phillips

      She didn’t really get fired. She asked for some time off.

      • zip

        Nope, fired she was.

        • Taylor Phillips

          Just because you read the inaccurate article, right? Wow. Someone at the Impact Wrestling Spike broadcasts told me she took time off. That friend of mine is friends with the superstars themselves. I can’t tell you the name though because it’s none of your damn business.

          • zip

            That’s a standard lie to save herself the embarrasment of being fired.

  • Z….

    bet she plays some sick girlfriend of the guy that sounds exactly like her dad on that show…

    • Taylor Phillips

      Yeah, like you’d play a virgin.

      • Guest

        exactly. makes sense to put people in the roles they know…wait what?

  • Taylor Phillips

    You’ll all see she’ll re-appear before you all know it, before your very eyes, you retards.

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