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Opening Night Of #NewEra

A lot is being made about this “New Era” of WWE that has started taking shape. There has been talk ever since WrestleMania about new eras in WWE but this time it seems like they really mean it.

The brand split is a big move that holds endless potential for change, depending how the new General Manager set-ups for Raw and Smackdown respectively approach their creative.

Last night’s Raw opened with a new logo, new theme song (Enemies by Shinedown) and new intro package which you can see here courtesy of Shinedown’s Twitter account:

There have been changes to the look of the set as well and the announce table has been moved away from ringside over beside the entrance ramp.

There was also a new Women’s champion crowned when Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte with a Bank Statement. After Sasha’s win, WWE posted a picture on Twitter of Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon posing with Sasha and her new belt. The caption leaves little ambiguity about whether or not WWE wants fans to know this “new era” is for real:

And, of course, Finn Balor got the push of the decade in his debut on Raw, winning an 8 man tournament against the roster’s best veterans to win a contenders spot for the new WWE Universal Championship.

I mean, even Cesaro has been doing more talking lately, as seen in this “pipebomb”:

Granted, it’s a bit tepid as pipebombs go, but nonetheless a step in a new direction. Quite possibly the right direction.

So maybe it is a new era, gang. Maybe. It. Is. Here’s hoping it’s a good one.

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