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Original Plans For AJ Styles At The Royal Rumble PPV

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The original plan for AJ Styles’ elimination in the Royal Rumble match was for Dean Ambrose to eliminate him. However, those plans changed to Kevin Owens eliminating him. The reason for the change of plans is because WWE didn’t know what kind of reaction Styles would get and the feeling was that it was better for Owens to be the one responsible for his elimination.

Styles will begin working WWE live events soon. Styles’ last indie date is the February 5th Premier Wrestling show in Georgia, against Corey Hollis. Following that date, Styles will be working full-time for WWE. His first two live events will be on 2/13 in Fresno and 2/14 in Bakersfield.

Source: WrestlingObserver.com

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  • Philip Hollett

    Get him in the world title mix asap, anything else would ruin him.


      Your kidding right? And risk putting heat on him with the rest of the lockeroom ?

      • Philip Hollett

        Well granted they are all a bit sensitive and have a ‘DIS BIZZNEZZ’ attitude, but he isn’t a rookie off the street and if you have him trading wins back and forth with Ziggler and Rusev the WWE fans are going to become pretty uninterested pretty quick. Sheamus won the title not long after his debut, so did Jack Swagger and they never got ‘TEH HEATZ’. AJ is respected amongst the locker room as many there already know him. Of course 2ns generation jobbers like Startdust and Axel may kick up a fuss and make vague twitter statuses about it but who cares, they are go nowhere nobodies anyway, they had their chance and they do not draw.

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