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Original Plans & Big Issues for Survivor Series, Police Called on Morrison & Melina?

– We’re still awaiting details but apparently there was some sort of incident with John Morrison and Melina this weekend where police were called. F4Wonline.com says more details will likely be on TMZ Monday morning. Speaking of Morrison, he recently shot a commercial for Wells Fargo with Chris Masters. Here’s a photo of the two together:

morrison masters commercial

F4Wonline.com also reports that the original plan for tonight’s WWE Survivor Series three-way with CM Punk, Ryback and John Cena was that Punk retained his title. Plans could have changed but that was originally what they were going with.

The situation with Cody Rhodes is also causing major problems internally. It looks like it will come down to Tensai or Ricardo Rodriguez as his replacement. There were talks of removing Damien Sandow from the match and putting Darren Young and Titus O’Neil in but no word if they’re going with that idea. Young and O’Neil were still expected to work some kind of multi-man match with Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and others.

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  • Mick

    I don’t know why there is any question (assuming this is true) of Punk retaining the title. Him and Rock are destined to be anyways. As for Morrison and Melina, while details are not released, I hope it’s a situation that favors Morrison, and splits those two. I believe Melina was one huge part of an albatross that held Morrison down in his WWE tenure.

    She’s crazier than AJ….

  • Opie

    I hope Punk retains, I really don’t want to see Cena as Champion Again

  • XdanielkingX

    What a big fuck you to Punk if he doesn’t retain tonight let him have the year long reign don’t be asses WWE and end it a day before

  • While it’s the last thing I wanna see, I’m sure that asshole CM Punk is gonna retain the WWE title tonight. That’s obviously because they wanna keep the title around his feeble, thin waist until the RR. But at the Rumble I guarantee you, The Great One is gonna lay the smackdown on Punk’s candy ass and end this booooring title reign.

  • stone cold

    lisa BORING title reing. you people must now that im only 11 years old.and this is mine favorite title reing ever.lisa you can cry bitch but punk is gonna beat cena 380 day title reing motherfucker. do you really think that there gonna give the title to a guy wont even defend his title at the EC PPV.AND WONT EVEN APPEAR FULL TIME.youre the true asshole.11 years old and im smarter than you.punk gonna win.BEST IN THE WORLD

  • The Boy

    Every week CM Punk comes out and says, “i have been champion for x amount of days”. If he loses it would have been a complete waste of a storyline. He needs to stay champion.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Are they doin the DX pose ? :-/

  • I believe cena will win the title as ryback is not ready. I think the punk and rock match is destined to be at wrestlemania. Where stone cold gets involved. I can imagine punk losing at tlc and eliminated by ryback in rumble and cost rock his match to cena saying how he got 2 up on rock and a match is made just to swerve fans.For cena he will face ryback at wrestlemania for title where he pass the torch.

  • @captd I want Cena and Ryback nowhere near the WWE championship.

  • Richie

    I see Punk retaining tonite! It is nearly pointless to end his reign NOW! WWE is so close to setting new records with this reign that it would be stupid on their part to end it…which is what worries me lol! They always seem to lean towards the stupid decisions! I can Punk winning tonight, MAYBE dropping it at TLC to Cena, Cena dropping it to Rock at the RR, and Rock dropping it back to Punk at WM! OR…Punk finally dropping it to Rock at RR, and Rock dropping it to Cena at WM! Although i don’t ever want to see another Cena title reign! Lisa you wanna talk BORING TITLE REIGNS…look no further than Yawn Cena…no one is as boring as he is!

    As for the Morrison/Melina issue…i can definitely see Melina being the cause…she is such a fucking drama queen and was always causing problems backstage in WWE, which is why Morrison was always losing his pushes! She held him back! Morrison WAS a main eventer…all he had to do was get rid of his extra baggage and he would have been a WWE champion for sure!

  • XdanielkingX

    @Richie sadly the only way Punk will retain is that Cena will AA Ryback then Punk will throw Cena out the ring and get the 3 count and made to look shit.

  • i don’t think ryback’s getting pinned….its most likely gonna be ryback shellshocking cena and punk tossing him out the ring and steal the victory, or somehow punk ends up on someone and gets the pin….

  • XdanielkingX

    @Pokemon I still Cena as more precious to WWE to get pinned rather than Ryback, especially as he now has a loss

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