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Orton Addresses His Drug Suspension, Online Battle For Privacy

Randy Orton addressed his recent 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program during an interview with WWE Magazine. He admits that the numerous reports published online regarding the suspension made it difficult for him, though not because of how he may be perceived by fans and his parents.

“That was really hard for me,” Orton says of the suspension. “Not because of how fans would look at me or how my folks would look at me. To be honest, my mom and dad were happy that I had 60 days off. I was worked to the bone for the last four years. What really hurt most about this suspension is that, when my [4-year-old] daughter’s older, she can go back and [read about me online].”

Save for the occasional Twitter post, Orton refrains from using social media due to the venom some people have directed toward him and his family online. He now regrets revealing his family life in last year’s WWE DVD release on his career, The Evolution of a Predator.

“I look back at my DVD that came out last year, and I had my wife and daughter on there,” Orton said. “I really, really, kick myself for doing that. It was a good story, but it just gives people ammunition. For all the good that me doing what I do has done for my family, there are just as many negatives.”

There are numerous pages on social media outlets Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, and other websites, dedicated to Orton and his private life. Some, however, are quite venomous and publish false information, which is his main source of contention. In his battle for privacy, Orton has taken matters into his own hands by personally contacting websites that have published alleged accounts of his outside-the-ring affairs and demanded that it be taken down.

He says of this new age of social media where wrestlers’ personal lives are exposed, “Instead of being able to tune in a few hours a week and watch us on TV, they can talk about us, claim to have knowledge about every aspect of our personal lives, type this knowledge, and then it’s written as truth.”

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  • Chelsii.

    “She can go back and read about me online”. You shouldn’t have been a dick then if you’re worried about that.

  • You shouldn’t have pooped in Amy Weber’s bag and then made her leave WWE.

    You shouldn’t have turned on your best friend and made him lose his job and a reported permanent main event spot.

    You shouldn’t have called one of your female co-workers a slut on a radio interview when you’re even worse than her.

    You shouldn’t have impregnated a teenager and then become father to a child you’ll never reveal even though the girl on tumblr got all the proofs.

    You shouldn’t have acted like you’re the HBIC, when you’re clearly not, and you should not have pussied your way out of the millitary.

    You shouldn’t have gotten on drugs in the first place.

  • Alpha_Omega

    ‘Second’ violation….. yeah right, second. Like anyone believes it’s his second.

  • Bad News Bro

    @Mindy –

    Stop believing EVERY SINGLE THING that you read on the internet.

    You don’t know him. I don’t understand how you could just read or hear something and then automatically believe that it’s 100% true without a shadow of a doubt. Most things that the dirt sheets spew are greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated. It’s important to take these kinds of things with a grain of salt. I’ve never been a fan of Orton, and thus I’ve never felt the need to extensively investigate his life and then get all riled up and form opinions on him. You don’t know him, you’ll never know him, and so it’d probably serve you better to get down from your ivory tower and not mind what he’s doing and concentrate on your own life.

  • Bad News Bro

    I’d bet my left nut that Orton is an asshole in real life, but doing so would merely be an assumption. You can’t just denounce someone’s character and pridefully claim it to be fact without ever meeting the guy. Otherwise, what’s to stop anyone else from doing the same to you? Do you really believe that EVERYONE you’ve ever met likes you? And even if a majority of people do like you, how would you feel if those few people that don’t went around disparaging you and then the people that they said those things to just believed those claims without ever meeting or getting to know you?

    Some of what you say has been proven true. He did in fact go on a radio show and imply that Kelly Kelly is a slut. But, he’s also not the first and only guy to do that. CM Punk has even done the same thing, yet you’ve never displayed ill affection toward him for it.

    Bottom line, know someone before you judge them, or at the very least don’t try and state your opinions and speculations in a way that implies that they are facts.

  • Chelsii.

    @BNB, she’s just some psychotic closet feminist… (Deep down she probably wishes professional wrestling was only women) just ignore her. If there’s a conflict between a male and female, she’ll take the side with the vagina every single time.

    1. Kelly Kelly is a slut (she indulges herself in married men – ask Chris Jericho), so why do you care that Randy implied she was, Mindy? Stop sucking her nasty bumhole.

    2. That rumour that Randy took a shit is completely unconfirmed – the supposed ‘victim’ already said he never did it.

    3. Stop stalking people on Twitter, you asked Layla the same question like 2 or 3 times… she isn’t going to answer you, weirdo.

  • Kristine

    Chelsii, Jericho fucked Kelly knowing he had a family. He is older than Kelly and is supposed to know more. He has also slept with other women in the past while having wife and children, how about you slutshame him?

    If you’re a woman who believes Kelly Kelly is a whore yet you fail to believe the men she has slept with are whores too – you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Just throwing in my two cents.

  • dan

    well, true chris knew better but, she also knew he was married and shld have told him no, His wife is drop dead beautiful makes no sense to me

  • dan

    I agree with Chelsii he is trash and a whore as well ,,

  • Chelsii.

    ^I know there are manwhores. I have no doubt Jericho knew what he was doing, he is older and more wise and shouldn’t have done it. But she could have also told him that this isn’t right. Who knows? Maybe she did, that detail isn’t known to us.

  • Joseph

    1- Who says that Jericho slept with Kelly Kelly? I will believe it when I hear from him.
    2- I HATE what social media has done to the world.

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