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Orton Wants Heel Turn, Cena With Tebow at Jets Game

– As reported before, Randy Orton badly wants to turn heel and is not trying to hide it publicly. When a fan asked him on his Twitter about his favorite gimmick or storyline, Orton replied, “Where I’m a HEEL”

– As noted earlier, John Cena was the honorary captain for the New York Jets today as they faced the Indianapolis Colts. WWE tweeted this photo of Cena and Jets quarterback Tim Tebow:

It’s #TebowTime for @JohnCena at @MLStadium, as Cena meets @nyjets’ QB @TimTebow. @WWE @nfl pic.twitter.com/Xtb2tj6N

John Cena and Tebow

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  • Much easier to act like an asshole when you’re one in real life.

  • maxpower

    Did cena get booed in NY?

  • Jake

    They never should have made Orton into a face to begin with. I liked him better as a heel and I hope Vince realizes that and gives him what he wants.

  • Why does Cena spend all this time at games, trying to be a honorary captain when he should be home resting his arm. He does not get paid for being captain.

  • matthew

    Cena doing his stupid 666 ok hand sign.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    more like the bunny fingers!

  • Z…..

    this is wayyy too easy

  • stone cold

    i hear voices in my head there telling me to fucking heel they talk to me

  • The Truth

    Turn Orton heel already

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