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Paige Actually Did Quit WWE

It was speculated here that Paige was only trying to save face when she posted to Instagram that the rumors of her leaving WWE were false. It was odd that it took her so long to address the issue and seemed more like she had given notice and the matter was later settled.

Well, Wrestling Observer has reported that Paige did indeed try and quit last week. However, cooler heads appear to have prevailed as apparently there were people close to her that urged her to stay with the company.

It was also reported earlier that she was scheduled for the Raw taping in Memphis next week. If she does make an appearance, it can be expected that it won’t involve much physicality as she is recovering from neck and back injuries.

There is also some skepticism about her claim that she didn’t fail any drug test. Paige indicated that it was a timing issue. She did pass the drug test, eventually, so it WAS a timing issue insomuch as she delayed the test being taken for a number of days. The speculation here is that she might have been trying to get banned substances out of her system before being tested.

Either way, she got hit with the suspension. So it really didn’t make a difference other than giving her a possible out for saving face on the drug test front as well.

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