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Paige On Total Divas, Reaching A New Audience And Her Character

WWE Diva Paige spoke with IGN to promote the new season of Total Divas on the E! Network. Here are the highlights.

WWE has a huge following, but there are also has some people who don’t watch RAW or SmackDown and really first came to know you from Total Divas. Have there been times when you’re talking to a fan and realize that’s their frame of reference?

I knew that happened because last time I was at WrestleMania; I was walking down the street and this girl walked up to me and was like “Oh my god, Paige, what are you doing here!?” And if you look around there’s WrestleMania signs everywhere, and I was like “I’m here for WrestleMania.” And she was so confused, and she was like “Are you filming?” and I was like, “Oh, okay you’re a Total Divas fan! Yes, I’m filming, but this is our biggest show of the year,” and she doesn’t care. [Laughs] And how they recognize me too from like a snapback and blue hair and pale skin. You can always tell the difference – who is a wrestling fan and who is a Total Divas fan.

It’s an interesting time with WWE. You’re able to show these different sides of yourselves and show what the non in-ring persona is. Last summer, you were appearing on WWE’s regular weekly programming and Total Divas and Tough Enough, all as very different facets of yourself.

It’s really cool because Tough Enough, I had to stay in character but could show a little bit of myself as well. WWE, I’m just full-on Paige, my in-ring character. Total Divas is where I can completely be myself and be my lunatic, weird person. It’s cool but you have to switch on and off to all the different things. because Total Divas could be filming at Tough Enough. We went from RAW, where I was completely my character all the way, to Tough Enough, where I can be half character, half me, and then Total Divas is filming, so I have to be completely Paige, my outside self. It was very random but I learned quickly how to switch between the different characters. It’s kind of wild.

You can read the entire interview here.

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  • bigfoot3169

    This did bother me last night a little and mostly due to the fact that the women will change alliances and face/heel on a dime. Paige was feuding with basically all of the Divas and is now friends with Nat again. At the Slammys, when Nikki won that lame award, she was hugging her arch rival. All in all, the WWE needs to stick with a story and go with it. The break up of PCB made sense. Paige having friends…current storyline does not match the past.

    • robvanriot

      That was the first thing I thought when she came out with Nattie. It’s ridiculous, and it’s because Kevin Dunn is a sexist moron with no idea how to book women.

      • jcice13

        I don’t know if he’s a sexist moron but he is a moron

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      Three words: KAYFABE IS DEAD

      • Joseph Lisnow

        what is this kayfabe?

        • jcice13

          sort of like this site, a site that has someone copy and paste articles from other places, put his name on them and not give the credit to them like a writer should..

      • jcice13

        it’s been dead for over 15 years can’t you just let it R.I.P?

  • jcice13

    I watch this show and how stupid do they think their viewers are??? dolph puts the moves on Nikki and acts all loving and wants to steal her away, tries to kiss her etc, all this in front of the cameras and then they act like Cena doesn’t have a TV and can’t watch it when it airs? I will never waste another second of my time watching this crap

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