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Paige’s Mom Writes Poem In Response To Wellness Violation

After Paige received her 30 day suspension due to a Wellness Policy violation, her mother Saraya Knight laid down some writtens on the matter and posted them to Facebook.

Here are her rap lyrics (#Let’sGoCena #CenaSucks):

You hear a little whisper
Of course it must be true
If everyone is saying it
No explanation is due.
It’s because you’re in the spotlight
And everything is real
People have a say in your life
It’s all the famous deal.
Because you have no feelings left
Nothing is meant to hurt
“You chose this life” “It’s all your fault”
You life is sheets of dirt.
But let me tell you something
Words hurt most of all
Especially when the words are wrong
And everyone likes to see you fall.
You rise above it all because the truth it will come out
And everyone around you
Will shout we had no doubt.
Cause fame is a cosmetic business
You’re hated because you succeed
You gave away your childhood
And you decided to take the lead
You chose to make a difference
You chose to be a light
You chose to guide the way
Because you are a knight.
You put belief in people who would otherwise be lost
You gave a voice to those who were muted at all costs
You showed the world what happens when you stand up for belief
You showed the world how to walk with pride and how to give relief
Relief to those that are troubled, bullied and in pain
You showed the world to not look down on those with disdain.
You will always be a leader because that’s just what you do
I will always be proud of you, my girl, just for being you xxx

Damn. Paige’s mom spittin’ that hot fire, you heard? Straight up chronic bruh. Puff, puff, pass. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan.

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