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Patrick Clark No-Shows A Millennium Wrestling Federation Live Event

Tough Enough contestant Patrick Clark was supposed to appear at the Millennium Wrestling Federation live event tonight in Wakefield, MA, but after receiving a WWE opportunity chose not to appear at the event.

Millennium Wrestling Federation has sent in the following:


On the night where Brock Lesnar revealed he told WWE officials he had to fulfill wrestling camp bookings before reporting to OVW in the early 2000’s, we have the unfortunate news that Patrick Clark of this years Tough Enough series is personally choosing to no-show our FIGHT NIGHT event Wednesday for a WWE opportunity TBA, despite WWE officials allowing him to appear as advertised:

We still plan on having a great evening of professional wrestling!


This Wednesday, October 21st – 7:30 PM

Bell Time Club – 40B Broadway – Wakefield, MA

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  • Bradley Patterson

    not a good start

    • blove112

      Not a good start to what? Not taking anything away from this promotion but it’s not wwe. The times are not the same as they were then. He is no Brock Lesnar, and as Brock stated he didn’t care one way or another. Patrick had a pretty strong following on tough enough and prob didn’t want to risk injury b4 being given his chance.

      • Michael King

        He still could’ve appeared WWE said it was ok

        • blove112

          “Headline” Patrick Clark injured at indy show making 500 bucks, has now lost his opportunity at wwe stardom.

          • Alejandro

            How do you know he’ll get injured? They are trained professionals. If you sign up for something, you got to honor that commitment. If something came up and he couldn’t attend because of that, then that’s understandable but we don’t know why he decided not to show up anymore other than he signed a developmental contract with WWE.

          • blove112

            First of all i didn’t say he would get injured. i simply stated that is something that may have gone through his mind. It is a valid opinion. I have wrestled in the indies. I see guys get injured all the time being trained professionals so ur point is invalid. U are absolutely correct we don’t know exactly why he didn’t show but other than a family emergency or dispute with a promoter. I’m willing to bet he chose not to of fear of getting injured and losing out on a more substantial career. I have known plenty of ppl to make that decision.

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