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Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE, Sting’s Career, More

To promote WrestleMania, all the talent have been busy; including Paul Heyman as he spoke with CBS Sports. Two major points is his relationship with Brock Lesnar and Sting getting inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE and the Past Year

“The last 12 months for me have been the best professional year of my career, simply because it’s yet another year wiser, another year smarter, another year more experienced, and I get to appreciate the fact that I work with not only my best friend but the fact that my best friend happens to be a once-ever athlete in the unique form of sports entertainment that’s out there today.”

Sting’s Wrestling Career

“I don’t think you can ever tell the story of Ted Turner’s involvement in professional wrestling-slash-sports entertainment without devoting several chapters to the rise and continued ascent of Sting. He was, for many years, the face of WCW, clearly their biggest star at certain times. Over the course of the Turner regime, in terms of ownership of WCW, he was their longest-term box office attraction. In the pantheon of the whole history of this industry, he certainly is a first-ballot hall of famer.”

Heyman will be in Lesnar’s corner at WrestleMania 32 against Dean Ambrose. Their street is one of the featured bouts on the 11 match card.

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