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Paul Heyman “Pops A Midget”

In a brand new episode of the Heyman Hustle, the one and only Paul E. Dangerously was in peak form in front of a live audience for his sold out “Inside The Ropes” tour in Manchester, UK. While answering audience questions, a little man asked Heyman if he thought WWE should bring back characters like “Dinky and Donkey.”

“Like who??” Heyman asked as a smile began stretching across his face, “It sounded like he said Dick Van Donkey. And I’m sure he didn’t say Dick Van Donkey…” He hesitated for just a moment before asking,”Did ya?”

It¬†was quickly resolved that the man was talking about Doink The Clown to which Paul E. replied, “Why? Do you wanna be Dink?” The crowd burst into laughter and applause and Heyman himself began to chuckle.

“I came all the way to Manchester and I popped a midget!” Heyman said in jest.

In a Western World plagued by the disease of over-the-top political correctness, it’s nice to see that someone can use a politically incorrect term like “midget” and everyone (including the little man himself) still managed to have a great time together.

Watch the full video below courtesy the HeymanHustle on YouTube:

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    The gift of Dengis. Drink it in mannnnnnn…

    • It Begins kid


  • It Begins kid

    Paul Heyman pops his midget.

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