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Paul Heyman Reacts to CM Punk Ripping Fan on Raw

Shortly after the CM Punk & Curtis Axel brawl on Monday’s Raw episode, WWE interviewed Paul Heyman on the WWE App. Heyman said that Punk was at his worst and has a “criminal intent” with his actions.

“One person in the crowd set the man’s emotions into overflow,” Heyman said of Punk ripping a fan for booing during his promo. “How he picked up a chair and wrapped it around Curtis Axel’s body! Very passionate, wouldn’t you say? Very aggressive.”

Heyman finished the interview by stating that Punk “was coming home.” “He’s getting there,” Heyman said. “But he’s coming home.”

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  • Daniel_P1

    I can see Punk as heel with Heyman in his corner vs Daniel Bryan at WM 30. Punk eventually decides to go back with Heyman bc he knows Heyman can lead him to main event WM (as Punk stated on Raw). Personally, i’d love to see face Punk vs face Bryan in very technical wrestling match with no interference or dirty tactics; but I have a feeling Punk will reunite with Heyman and proceed to WM as heels

    • Mike Honcho

      I agree that would be an epic mania match. I also really want to see Bryan versus Ziggler in an iron man match.

    • Joseph Douglas

      I agree> I would love to see them main event with an iron man match

    • mrlaw

      Punk just turned face, I doubt WWE will turn him heel since Randy Orton is now back a heel. WWE needs another strong face and Sheamus isn’t strong enough. The only corner Heyman will be in at Mania will be Brock Lesnar’s and maybe Axel if Paul still manages him by then.

      • Chelsii?

        Punk and DBry are the two top faces right now, but they need more.

    • Daniel Bryan

      nah who cares Daniel Bryan is 101% better than him

  • Devon

    I have no problem wit the corporation storyline & Bryan not being champ but the fact they give it to a bad wrestler, average talker & a 2 strike steroid user is fuckin stupid. Can’t belive I’m saying this but I don’t want Cena to leave

    • james clinton

      Why? So cena could kick Orton’s ass instead of Bryan?
      Seriously, Cena steals the spotlight 100% of the time. Cena being gone is the only way DBry can become the face of WWE.

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