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Payback 2016 Results: McMahons Run RAW

It’s time for Vince McMahon to tell his children-and all of us-who will be running RAW on an ongoing basis, following Shane’s extended guest GM stint after WrestleMania.

McMahon hits the ring and is showered, early and often, with loud chants for “CM Punk”. Clearly, the Windy City fans love their hometown hero-who, of course, now works for UFC.

McMahon builds up to the announcement by hyping how long RAW has been on-air, and reminisces about his favorite eras, such as the Attitude Era.

He points out that this is a new era for WWE, and runs down the qualities he seeks in a new GM. He asks the crowd who should run it, Shane or Stephanie. Shane gets raucous cheers, and Stephanie is of course heartily booed.

Stephanie comes out and delivers a long-winded speech about why she’s the right choice, and just as she wraps up, Shane’s music hits and he gets the hot crowd response. He hits the ring and trots out all the mainstream accolades he’s been receiving for his month-long GM tenure.

Vince then says “I want blood” and declares that brother and sister, in spite of their differences, will have to run RAW together. Well, this should be interesting…


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  • Zack

    Ah! Did anybody else read my comment from like 3 days ago predicting this ?

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