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Payback 2016 Results: Rookie Mistake Cost Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler was just added to the pre-show, as noted on WWE’s social media feed. The Andre The Giant Battle Royal Statue is out there with Corbin.

The whole match is Corbin, who works on Ziggler’s neck and back area. Ziggler’s most offense is a sleeperhold that barely keeps the big guy down and the fame@– for a two count. On the outside, Corbin has Zigler set for a powerbomb and throws him head-first into the outside steel corner. Ouch.

Ziggler is tossed back in the ring and is out cold as Corbin celebrates his work on the outside; he does more showboating in the ring. Ziggler is dragged up and he catches Corbin with a roll up for a three count. The announce team sells the win like Ziggler isn’t a former World Heavyweight Champion and this was the biggest win of his career.

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