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Payback 2016 Results: KO Dispatches Zayn

In our second match of the night, we get the intense personal rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Early on, the animosity was very evident. Zayn was first to go on the offensive, but Owens didn’t let it last long. Each man clearly has elevated their intensity just a wee bit more, and while there is no title on the line, it’s hard to tell.

Each move was executed with maximum impact. These guys knew what the other was bringing, and it didn’t matter. Creative counters were plentiful, and every time it appeared as though one man was down, he’d be right back up again.

Sami finally appeared to have the edge, nailing the DDT on the outside to set up for the Helluva Kick, which Owens countered with a Pop Up Powerbomb, claiming the hard fought victory. After the match, Owens flung Zayn out of the ring and went off on a rant, gunning for the IC Championship.

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  • Joey D

    Best match of the night!!!

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