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Pete Gas On Mean Street Posse Returning At WrestleMania 32 For Shane McMahon

While Shane McMahon is back on WWE TV, his former stablematae Pete Gas from the Mean Street Posse is nowhere to be seen. Like everyone, Gas was shocked to see Shane on RAW and addressed the possibility of the group reuniting.

I’m honestly not sure,” said Gas. “I haven’t heard anything yet, but Shane knows that all he has to do is call, and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

As for the Mean Street Posse’s current whereabouts, most of the members have retired from the business.

To read the complete Rolling Stone interview, please click here.

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  • Warren Roby

    I have this feeling that the thing that Shane has over Vince is WCW.
    Storyline was that Shane bought WCW.
    In saying that, guys like Goldberg come to mind as guys who can come help Shane defeat Undertaker and rename RAW to WCW?

    • Mean Dean

      Or sting

      • jcice13

        now that I like a lot I said Kurt Angle but you know I like yours much better Sting with the bat a few times to the Taker shane gets the win and Sting and Taker at Summerslam and Taker can exact his revenge… we’re cooking

        • Drama Mustafa #NewNation

          Book it now dammit lol

        • Mean Dean

          It would definitely be exactly what all these wcw fans want as stings retirement match

    • jcice13

      they’ll never rename RAW that’s ludicrous…and Goldberg coming in has almost 0% chance

      • Warren Roby

        Just an open conversation chief.
        Sting could be another who comes in.
        But Goldberg has been in talks with both TNA & WWE. It could happen

        • jcice13

          yes I know it’s an open conversation squaw and in that vein I replied to you and of course it “could” happen and you’re very late with the Sting call it’s been mentioned and discussed here already in another string of comments..I know you said you had a feeling but having feelings and them coming to fruition are way 2 different things..but there is a much better chance you’ll see Goldberg than them changing the name of RAW and either one??? I wouldn’t want to be hanging by my toes waiting for it to happen

  • jcice13

    LOL where is pete gas?who gives a crap..hey Shane can call me too and I’ll be there to cash a nice mania check

    • Joseph Lisnow

      he’s gonna need all the help in the world to defeat taker.

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