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Photo: Another Shot of The Undertaker In Nashville Last Night

Here is another photo of The Undertaker backstage at the Nashville Predators hockey game last night:

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Undertaker in Nashville 2

  • Guest

    Michelle is smokin’ hot!

    • CMmox

      Is she Michelle?

      • CenaMyLove

        No it’s not Michelle,and Michelle is a brunette now :)

        • CMmox

          I know she’s brunette.

    • Jonathan

      thats not michelle buddy.

  • IamLisa

    I’m fearing for the worst. He’s appears to be in terrible shape.

    • CMmox

      He really is…

      • Chelsii

        He really isn’t.

        • CMmox

          Taker is a F’N Legend but he really seems to be tired and battered after all these years.

          • Chelsii

            I’m sure he is, but he isn’t in bad shape here.

  • Sean Patrick

    Damn he’s looking old. If he comes back, he should keep the gray, looks pretty badass.

  • Maze Of Torment

    Undertaker’s a pimp!

    • Opie Taylor

      The American Pimpster lol

  • Alpha_Omega

    If Taker was scheduled for Raw tonight and these pictures are out, plans could change just to get one up on the fans, because WWE are dicks like that.

  • Y2J

    I just can’t get used to seeing him without his hair. It was different when he was the American Bada*s.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Wow… I mean, Taker didn’t exactly look like a spring chicken in previous years, but he’s aged REALLY quickly since his last picture. He’s 47 and looks like he’s about 60. Maybe it’s the new baby??

    • Lcljbrm Fitz

      youre an idiot, go look at some 60 yar old men and tell me that.he looks tops 50. and in gd shape for a guy whos been off for a year

    • jcice13

      I’m 63 and if it wasn’t for my gray hair I look a hell of a lot younger than him, damn he looks really bad for 47?

      • CMmox


  • disqus_mx6KRfXXYf

    Give him glasses and he could be Heisenberg.

    • Thrust!

      LOL.. Love that show man!

  • jcice13

    looks like he needs to see frank costanza and get him one of those manssieres

  • Jeff

    He looks out of shape,I could of sword I read multiple rumors stating that he’s training for his return..also he should die his goate black

    • CMmox

      I’m pretty sure you meant “dye” and not ‘die”, lol.

  • DoingMaThing

    Sup grandpa I MEAN Undertaker!