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Photo: John Cena Injured at WWE Night of Champions

– John Cena revealed that he rolled his ankle early in the match against CM Punk at last night’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view. Cena commented and posted the following photo:

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“Wild night tonight, nuthing to do now but move forward. This is my left ankle. It was rolled early in match… Thru all the bumps and bruises, a heartfelt thanks to all those supporting #riseabovecancer thank u.”

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  • duke the dumpster drosey

    this is what he gets for wearing sneakers to wrestle, instead of dressing like a real wrestler with boots (which is what theyre made for. to prevent rolling your ankles.)

  • Chelsii.

    Ow, that looks ow…

  • later marks

    he rolled it when he missed the top rope leg drop. looked like it was going to snap. it will def be swollen for a few days at least

  • Heisenberg

    Wwe is in big trouble now for sure. Vince is shaking by now.

  • Real Kosher


  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Heisenberg: Was that sarcasm? Listen, I don’t like John Cena’s whole in-ring shtick, but one thing I can’t deny is that John Cena the man is a tough dude. He’ll keep competing through pain, and if he can’t, he’ll bust his ass to get back as soon as possible. He may have some tape around his ankles and WWE (if they’re smart) probably won’t have him wrestle a match this week, but I seriously doubt he misses much, if any, time.

  • Ryder

    Yeah you guys are pretty hilarious. If CM Punk would’ve been wearing sneakers and rolled his ankle in the beginning of a match you guys would be all like “Punk’s a boss” and this and that. Hate John Cena but to sit there and say the guy isin’t a tough SOB you’re out of your freaking mind. I was there last night and I was rooting for Punk but after yet another amazing Punk/Cena match with a rolled ankle, I tip my hat to John.

  • matthew

    cena should take a few months off too heal

  • Kayfabe fan

    I don’t know about you guys but i have a feeling cena’s retirement is gonna be like austin and edge which means he is going to be forced to stop wrestling since wwe don’t want to give cena a break

  • Adam

    Virtually all wrestlers are tough, and work through all sorts of injuries so well that you have no idea.
    Then they suddenly have serious injuries and need lengthy time off to heal or have to retire.

  • Tmoney

    Kayfable has a good point, I think of without cena taking a break that all those injuries could force him to retire which I know Vince wouldn’t want that

  • kayPaxs

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Stay injured please.

  • rob

    ^^ Why are you wishing injury on another human being??

  • Cena and Punk put on the best match of the PPV last night. Like him or not, Cena turned it up a notch in Boston. Also, Paulie’s facial expressions during the match were priceless! Well done!

  • brandon

    Cena. Take a fucking vacation.

    -WWE Fans

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