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Photo of CM Punk’s Back, Brie Bella Has Words for Natalya, Natalya Talks AJ posted a video of CM Punk’s battered & bruised back after the kendo stick shots from Paul Heyman on RAW last night. Here is a screenshot:

CM Punks back

– WWE reporters caught up with Eva Marie and The Bella Twins after last night’s RAW. Brie Bella said she’s going to prove that Natalya isn’t the only veteran on the Divas roster.

– Natalya also spoke to reporters but had words for AJ Lee after her much talked about promo. Natalya called her a walking contradiction. Natalya doesn’t believe AJ is a victim and doesn’t buy the whole “homeless, sleeping in my car” deal because she had money to attend WWE live events. Natalya said AJ made her bed and now gets to sleep in it.

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  • gta4801 .

    i like Natalya but this time she’s full of crap how is she plying the victim when she’s the champion

    • JH

      She’s probably giving that interview in character.

    • KingBack

      She is overrated.
      Yes she is good but she is not as good as Trish, Beth, Lita etc.. as
      many on the internet likes to make her.

      • YES! o/

        Natalya is anything but overrated. I love AJ, and I know for a fact that she worked hard to achieve her dream and she is most certainly a tremendous wrestler; however, she is not a better WRESTLER than Natalya. Natalya might not have AJ’s charisma, but she is still the best wrestler in the Divas division.

        Also, contrary to what most people think, the fact that Natalya comes from the Hart family actually put her at a disadvantage.

        • Chelsii?

          Ryback fans know nothing about ‘overrated’.

          • YES! o/


          • Mrs. Ambrose

            No! No! No! No!

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            CM Punk fans no nothing about overrated either

          • Chelsii?

            Unlike Ryback, Punk is actually useful to the comapany.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Ryback will be useful to the company one day

        •!/MMcCraryNJ Michael McCrary

          As someone who has seen AJ wrestle in person many times in the northeast/New Jersey indy scene, and has also watched as many of Natalya’s matches before she got to the WWE as I could find online, I’m very confident in saying that they are both amazing wrestlers and are very nearly on the same exact level.

          • YES! o/

            I am not saying AJ is worse than Natalya, and I know that they are very nearly on the same level; I was just responding to that ignorant buffoon who was saying that Natalya is “overrated.”

          • KingBack

            She is.
            If she wasn’t in family with Bret & Owen Hart nobody would
            give a rats ass about her.

          • YES! o/

            Oh, yeah… totally, which is why she constantly has to job to untalented bimbos, right?… And it is also because of the advantages she got from her family that she had the *privilege* of playing a silly—farting—character for almost an entire year, too; is that correct?

      • jcice13

        not in ring but on the mic and character? she’s better. I can’t recall any of the 3 ladies you mentioned ever doing a promo on the mic like the few that AJ has done recently, she’s hitting the ball out of the park with these gems, total 5 star performances, so I would imagine when people rate her, like I do, they say she’s at the top of the charts. it’s a composite analysis not an individual aspect

  • Daniel_P1

    Punk and Heyman are always must watch tv.

  • Kayfabe Fan

    Shut the f*ck up Bellas, you don’t even know how to work a goddamn promo.

  • tt2000

    Natalya may be a good wrestler but she’s awful and should job to AJ.

  • Devon

    The Bella twins fuckin suck. They are stupid fuckin hoes. AJ & Nattie are the 2 best since Trish & Lita

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