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Photo of John Cena’s Nasty Elbow After Surgery, Hype for RAW

– John Cena will indeed be at RAW tonight but as you can see in the photo below, he’s still very much in recovery from elbow surgery. Cena posted the following photo and tweet on Sunday:

“Day 5. Time to play #guesswhosarmthatis I’ll B @raw tomorrow night. When things happen, they happen #SupportGroup”

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  • Chelsii.

    Eww, he looks like he lost half of the mass in his arm. Disgusting.

  • michelle

    Yeah I agree, it looks nasty.

  • Chelsii

    i would lick that mans elbow

  • Wuge

    Damn.. Looks like half of John’s bicep is gone, nasty operation. Hopefully he can rehab his arm succesfully.

  • matthew

    he will amp up his roids and should be fine

  • matthew

    that does not look like cena

  • maxpower

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • All the steroids over the years gone to waste.

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