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Photo: Sin Cara Unmasked at Tonight’s WWE RAW

– From tonight’s RAW, thanks to Alberto Del Rio:

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  • Dro

    You’d think Del Rio would be respectful to the mask seeing he used to wear a mask back in the days…

    Does anybody agree when I say, ” I would cheer if Del Rio got seriously hurt”

  • Super Pee Pee Man

    I feel bad for sin cara
    they really need to give him a better mask I.E mysterio type were it wont slip off so easy

  • Coolquip

    Well there goes 10+ years down the drain…

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    I hope Del Rio got a verbal lashing for that bit of derp. Sin Cara has started to improve, probably due to some guidance from Mysterio. Having this happen is a downer. Also, honestly, for the sites to post this pic…for shame. Let’s try to keep some of the kayfabe, for fuck’s sake. That is an embarrassment to a lucha.

  • maxpower

    look at all the angry Sin cara marks upset at Rio! get over it nerds.

  • Mindy

    Well Cara did worse things to Del Rio in Mexico so I don’t blame Del Rio.

  • The Truth

    Considering Cara supposedly pulled a gun out on Del Rio in Mexico I think this was payback I guess

  • The False

    Durrrrrr I dont know what im talking about everything i say is bullshit

  • Chelsii.

    No, fuck you Mindy. Sure, Cara pulled a gun on Del Rio and nothing happened. I’m sure Del Rio moved on and doesn’t give a fuck about it. If Del Rio actually had any class or respect for Luchadors, he wouldn’t have pulled this like a fucking punk. I’m starting to hope Cara pulls a gun on him again, this time… shoot him in his face.

  • Goldust69

    ^^^^ Dumbass troll.

  • Striker9

    Like Rey’s mask?!!!! Do you realize how often Rey’s mask pops off his head from a simple clothesline?!!

    I don’t think Del Rio purposely pull his mask up (other they hate each other). i think Cara was moving one direction while Del Rio was “attempting” to pull his mask off.

  • Mindy

    Chelsii, you clearly need help.

  • Chelsii.

    Why’s that? Because I’m the one who enjoys watching people being humiliated right? Dumbass bitch. No one cares what you think and I don’t care if you or anyone else agrees or not. I need help? Yeah, because I stalk Cody Ledesma, tweeting him multiple times about shit Cory and nobody else cares about.

  • Executive Son

    I love you Dellllllllllllllllllllll Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrio, for revealing the ugly face of SIN Cara.
    You are welcome!

  • raul cruz

    The story about Mistico pulling a gun on Dos Caras Jr. is bullshit. It was circulated by Konnan, a bitter and vindictive ex wrestler who has never been happy with the way his own career turned out.

  • jayman

    Sin Cara or shall i say his real name. Botch Cara has been botching in the wwe ever since he debuted. its time to release him, and replace him with somebody better. HUNICO!!!