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Photo: WWE Spoils Major Title Change at Tonight’s Tapings

– WWE has announced that Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Title at tonight’s Main Event tapings:

“BREAKING: This just happened!! Watch @WWE #MainEvent tomorrow at 8/7 CT on @IONTV to see how! @TrueKofi @mikethemiz”

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  • Fuck Off

    I guess Miz really hasn’t gotten out of the doghouse completely yet. When he first came back from filming that movie (I don’t remember the name), he won a couple matches and won the IC Title then he went on a losing streak, beat Rey Mysterio, alternated wins and losses, and now he loses the title to Kofi. I guess some things never change.

  • jayman

    what dumbfucks.. way to ruin ratings you dumbshits

  • rob

    Kofi’s eyes are freaking me the fuck out

  • me

    By 2013 miz will be robbing On Superstars and NXT :(

  • Noway

    About time. Miz is awwwfuuuuuuuuuullllllll!!!!

  • Bad News Bro

    Okay, losing a title is not being buried. He won the goddamn title on the 1000th Raw, which was hyped and treated as if it was WrestleMania. Then he went on to defend the title successfully for 3 months. During one of his matches, he beat 3 guys blindfolded for Christ’s sake! But still, he must be in the doghouse, right? It’s called putting someone else over. There was nothing UNJUST about this. It’s inevitable that he’d lose the title eventually. And what’s really weird is he lost it to a guy like Kofi Kingston who’s a natural in the ring, always puts on a good match, is finally starting to show that he’s ready to at least try and step up on the mic, and who I’ve heard repeatedly from the IWC that he’s a guy who “WWE NEEDS TO PUSH RIGHT NOW!”. But then because he gave Miz an accidental stiff kick, Miz is suddenly a giant victim?

    The only flaw that WWE made with Miz is giving him too much too soon. He should’ve been at this level since dropping the US title, but they handed main event after main event to him, saw that it wasn’t the right time, and now because he’s taken a rightful step back in his career, everyone’s flipping shit. I like The Miz, a lot actually, but he’s not suffering or clinging to his job. He was handed everything too soon in his career, and now he’s in a better suited spot where he can continue to progress with his ring-work whilst still adding interest to the mid-card with his immense personality.

    People need to realize what BURYING really is. Wins and losses mean NOTHING in professional wrestling. It’s not real, we know it’s not real, they know it’s not real. Wins/losses don’t mean anything. About a year ago, Mason Ryan had a match with Evan Bourne on Raw, in which he came out and squashed Evan, garnished a bunch of heat from the audience, and then was rarely seen or heard from again. The next week, Bourne had a match with Sin Cara, competed in a match nearly every week after that, and then went on to win the tag titles and successfully defended them for the remainder of the year, right up until when he got suspended and injured. Now, who was REALLY buried in that particular situation? It’s not the win or the loss that hurts someone, it’s the OUTCOME of that win or loss. If Miz drops the belt, doesn’t have a title rematch, continues to lose every match after that with nothing said of how weird that is for him and it doesn’t go on to further his opponent’s reputation or character, then yeah, Miz would have gotten buried. But that’s likely not going to happen. There’s probably going to be multiple rematches with him and Kofi, if not a whole feud over this.

    For fuck’s sake, he’s on the poster of Survivor Series! Yeah, WWE must really hate him…

  • CW1

    Lame Sitting Duck Mizanin maybe awful…., oops I mean “awesome” as he thinks he is, but Kofi is AMAZING! Congratulations to Kofi on this Intercontinental Title victory, but as I stated last time, & this is for WWE’s knuckling under powers that be, how’s about giving the man the WWE title opportunity for a change after this reign?

  • Bad News Bro

    Rather than just giving me “thumbs down”, why don’t any of you respond and explain HOW he’s being buried?

    (That is provided that your argument does not start with “Well, when he dropped R-Truth…”, that was months ago. WWE has put him in the leading role of their biggest film series and given him an Intercontinental Title reign since then. How is he being “buried” RIGHT NOW?)

  • me

    I didn’t give you a thumbs down but I’ll respond anyway.

    Lets go back to last Monday. Miz gets taken out by Kofi. Main Event last week, miz gets taken out by kofi, smackdown big show takes out kofi but miz doesn’t continue the assault on him, raw kofi takes out miz during MizTV and then beats him cleanly on RAW, main event, Kofi beats the miz to become IC Champion, smackdown, Orton beats miz cleanly.

    I know that you’re saying the Miz is helping to put over kofi, but he shouldn’t be. Miz isn’t at that stage and to be honest he never should have had put anyone over because Miz hasn’t been around long enough to do that sort of stuff. That’s for the veterans of the business to do. Now Miz has absolutely nothing for him now because the WWE isn’t gonna put him in any feuds because they’re busy trying to make del Rio look good when he is just plain boring.

  • Bad News Bro

    @me – I respect your opinion, and I applaud just the fact that you’d rather give an intellectual response over clicking a silly button to illustrate your contrary belief. However, I still do disagree.

    See, you say that he shouldn’t be putting people over, but that’s the entire point of being a villain. Every win that a heel has is done solely to build momentum and make people believe that this guy is a threat which is done just to lead us to that moment where he finally loses. And thus the babyface that he loses to inherits his momentum and is put over as a hero that people can invest in for finally stopping this “horrible person”. CM Punk right now is on a giant winning streak. He’s going to lose eventually. Clean too. Whether it’s Cena, Rock, Orton, Sheamus, Ryback, or some other young guy that they haven’t given a shot yet, it will happen because the story requires it to. The bad guy is ALWAYS supposed to get his comeuppance. It’s merely a question of when, where, and who is going to give it to him. Del Rio, as overplayed as he might be, still does “job”. Even if he’s in the World title match (not arguing whether or not he belongs there) he’s still there solely to make Sheamus look dominant.

    Like I said in my last tirade, wins and losses don’t matter in wrestling, especially when you’re supposed to be a bad guy. The only weight that they carry is the weight that you give them. Was Heath Slater getting buried every week back with the legends angle? I wouldn’t say so, he got more exposure and was able to develop more of a fan-base than he was ever able to before. And now, it seems that he’s leading his own stable. Like I said before, it’s not about the win or the loss, it’s about what comes from it. Tyson Kidd beat Tensai when he was still dominant. What has Tyson Kidd been doing lately? Ziggler was regularly losing to Santino and the cobra just a few months ago, now it’s only a matter of time before he’s World champ.

    And so far as Miz having nothing to do now, how do you figure? He’s going to have a re-match. He may even get a feud out of it. Plus, he’s on the poster of Survivor Series, he has to be used in some capacity by then. I can’t say for sure, afterwards, that he’ll continue to be featured every week, but let’s say hypothetically that he has to take a backseat so that they can focus on building more guys and making this roster seem less thin. That’s the best thing about his power as a mic guy with his new roles both doing occasional commentary and with MizTV. Even if he does get left off the card here and there, he still has a platform to maintain relevancy. See, THAT’S how you get buried in my mind. When there is zero outcome from your wins or losses, when you’re not allowed to speak on the microphone, and when ultimately you become irrelevant to the casual fan and at times are even forgotten. The Miz is far from that.

    Again, I respect your opinion, and I don’t anticipate that I might change your mind with this novel of a comment, but I’m merely expressing my own. However, I now understand your points and concerns, which is all I was looking for. At the end of the day, we’ll probably just have to agree to disagree.

  • SOS

    Damn these butthurt Miz fans. Miz got his reign as US Champ, now its Kofi’s turn. Miz is a talented guy, but he was never meant to be a main eventer who will never lose to mid-carders, plus Kofi is in line for a well-deserved push, so get over it.

  • Manny

    Bad News Bro and me (the person replying) have great points. Miz got his title run because he was hungry for it. But to stay there you need to never be full. Seems like Miz needs to kick it up soon. As for Kofi he can break the glass ceiling he has the in ring ability he just needs that confidence boost.

  • Casey

    It’s not the US Championship, Einstein.

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